Baby crafts idea, baby’s first work of art

Turn your baby's first painting into a lasting piece of art. It makes for a wonderful mother's day gift or a keepsake for the grandparents.

You probably know the proud feeling when your child does something new for the first time. The first step they take, the first word they speak (even if the word is “pffrll” or “guuu”), the first time they scribble something on a piece of paper. Those first scribbles in our eyes are priceless works of art that need to be hung on the fridge immediately and be proudly shown to all the grandparents. With this idea, you can turn your baby’s crafts into lasting works of art.

Here’s how you do it

You will need a canvas. I used a flat piece so that I could frame it afterward.

The basic idea is that you stick some shape or lettering onto the canvas. After your child paints or draws on the canvas, you peel the shape or lettering off, and it will leave the shape to stand out white.

For this project, I chose a heart shape. To make this shape, I used masking tape and baking paper. I Made a sheet of tape on top of the baking paper by partly overlapping the tape (see picture). You can now draw your shape or outline your lettering onto it and cut it out. Now remove the baking paper, which should be very easy because the tape doesn’t stick to the baking paper. Stick your shape onto the canvas. Be sure to rub the edges onto the canvas very well.

Contact paper might work better, but I didn’t have that, so I got creative instead. If you do try it with contact paper, better test it first on a small corner to see if it will come off afterward.

Now you can start painting. Or rather, your children can. Don’t use too much water to delude the paint because this will make the edges of your shape come loose.

After your child has finished painting, you can pull off the tape, and you will have your result. I would not wait until the paint is completely dry before you remove the tape because if the white section did become smudged a bit, you could still wipe it away when the paint is still wet.

You could frame your canvas and add a making-off picture to it if you like. It makes for a wonderful gift to the grandparents.

If you have tried this or have another suggestion to make the shape or lettering, I would be pleased to read about it in the comment section.

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