Amazing DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Adorable kid-made father's day gifts that will make daddy feel loved and appreciated.
Cute and Cool Father's Day gift ideas, kid-made

With father’s day just around the corner, I decided to round up some cute DIY father’s day gift ideas for you. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

1. DIY Keychain

On the featured picture above, you see a keychain my husband’s son made for him in school. I like it a lot. It came with a lovely note attached with some nice words about his father. So just run over to the hardware shop and start crafting with your kids.

2. A beautiful mug

I also love this scribble mug my 2,5-year-old son made. To see how it was done, check out this page.


3. Painted Rock for Father’s Day

Or how about this cute rock painted by your toddler? I think it’s an excellent idea for a homemade gift for father’s day.


4. Work of art

Or a beautiful work of art? You can add a picture in the middle or write a lovely message inside the heart.


5. Super Dad Keychain

Another cool father’s day gift idea: These shrinky dinks Keychains from

6. Shrinky Dink Keychain

Or these shrinky dink keychains from Bee-ing Mommy:

Bee-ing mommy

7. Photo Holders

I also really like these photo rocks from Buggy and Buddy. They could also work well as father’s day gifts, especially if you add nice pictures of daddy and the kids.

Buggy and Buddy

8. BBQ Apron

If the father in question likes to BBQ, these aprons are just amazing:

Che said

9. BBQ Plates

A similar idea in a different (and maybe easier) form:

Via Tinybeans

10. Sidewalk Chalk ideas

Here is another fantastic idea from Bee-ing Mother. Get drawing with your kids and make a photoshoot for father’s day!

Bee-ing Mommy

11. Father’s Day Photoshoot

This is another cool idea for a photoshoot for father’s day:


12. Gloves

Wow, this is just the cutest idea! From ‘I can teach my child.’


13. Engraved Hammer

She combined the gloves above with a poem from the kids and some awesome engraved tools! Check out her page to see how it’s done!


14. Handprint Art

This cute hand belongs to my son. I am sure his father will love it when we give it to his father on Sunday!


More DIY father’s day gift ideas to follow soon.

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Great Kid-made Father's Day gifts that will make Daddy feel loved and appreciated. Last minute Father's Day Ideas, Kids Crafts and handprint crafts.

Amazing DIY Father\'s Day Gift Ideas