DIY Halloween Decorations Ideas, 5-minute crafts

If you don't have a lot of time to make elaborate Halloween decorations and don't want to spend loads of money buying them, look no further! These DIY Halloween Decorations won't take more than 5 minutes to create, and they look great!

The evenings are starting to get darker again. Beautiful lights everywhere, the holidays are coming, starting with Halloween! Time to get Decorating! In this post, I have listed 13 very easy DIY Halloween decorations ideas. They look great but don’t take up more than 5 minutes to make. Perfect as last-minute decorations for a Halloween party. Create a festive atmosphere in no time!

1. The easiest indoor pumpkin decoration

I made these pumpkins last year for Halloween. It takes less than a minute to create but looks fun! Just buy some decorative pumpkins, take a black marker and start drawing the faces on! They are for indoors because, of course, you cannot light them. But I think they look cute and they take no time at all to make.

2. Huge Spider

This colossal spider makes for a scary and very easy-to-make Halloween decoration. I’m not fond of spiders very much, so for me, this one works quite well.

Source: Munchkinsplanet

3. Halloween Zombie Jar

You can make some cute zombie jars with just some bandage and wobbly eyes. You could put a light in it, or candy or a candle or whatever else you might think of.

Source: Weekend Craft

4. Ghost Lollies

These ghost ollies are pretty cool as a Halloween snack for a kids’ Halloween party. They are made with coffee filters, small rubber bands, thin ribbons, and a marker.

DIY Halloween Decorations Ideas
Source: happiness is homemade

5. Scary snacks

With a black marker, you can turn food into scary monsters in no time. Whether you use mandarins, eggs, or ‘boo-nananas.’

6. DIY Halloween Candy Ghost

Sadie Season Goods made this cool candy bowl ghost. She used a thrift shop sewing bucket for this project, but I think it will work just as well with a bowl put on a simple stool, with a sheet thrown over it. Glue some black pieces of cloth or paper onto the sheet, and you have your ghost ready.

Source: Sadie season Goods

7. Spiderwebs

Add some easy creepy spider webs to create a Halloween atmosphere. Check out this example from one little project to find out how to make them.

Source: One Little project

You can also make huge ones out of Garbage Bags. Look at this fantastic example from the Sits Girls!

Source: The Sits Girls

8. DIY Halloween Garlands

These garlands are rather more cute than scary. Perfect for smaller kids and a friendly Halloween atmosphere. Super easy to make. They were also made by ‘one little project.’

DIY Halloween Decorations Ideas
Source: one little project

9. Hanging Paper Ghosts

I love these hanging ghosts. They are very easy to make. Just cut out a snail-shaped ghost, like in the picture below, and draw a ghost face. You can make a friendly ghost, like in this example, or go for something a bit scarier.


10. Creepy Bleeding Candles

Take a red candle, light it, and drizzle it on top of a white candle. That’s all! So easy but pretty cool!

Source: A Pumpkin and a princess

11. DIY Witches’ Brooms

Turn some dead branches and some weeds into these excellent and free witches’ brooms. Just tie the weeds to the bottom of the branches with some string using a simple whip knot. If you don’t live near where tall weeds grow, you could also use smaller and thinner branches instead of weeds.

Source: Hometalk

12. Spiderweb doormat

Turn a simple black doormat into a Halloween Decoration by drawing a spiderweb onto it with a white marker and spraying it with a clear finishing spray.

Source: county living

13. Pumpkin Lights

Finally, create a stunning entrance by putting up a Christmas lights pumpkin trail toward your door. You could, of course, use traditional carved-out pumpkins with candles in them for this as well. But the whole point of this post was to share super quick and easy-to-make DIY Halloween decorations ideas with you. And these great-looking pumpkin Lights will take no more than 5 minutes to make.

Source: Womans day

There you have it. It doesn’t have to take loads of time and money to decorate your house for Halloween! I would be happy to hear about your ideas for easy DIY Halloween Decorations in the comments below.

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