Easter Bunny Garland, with free printable

Make a fun Easter bunny garland with your kids using this printable template.

With Easter around the corner, it is time to get the arts and crafts supplies out again and start being creative. It’s a perfect time of year to spend some quality time with the kids and make some festive decorations together. For example, you can make this Easter bunny garland with children of all ages. The very young ones can help you put the little tails onto the bunnies, and the bigger kids can help with the entire process. The result is super cute and will certainly make for a festive atmosphere in your home.

How to make them

You will need some supplies:

  • Printer (for printing the template once)
  • Paper (plain or decorative)
  • Optionaly crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Cotton balls (for the bunny tails)
  • Glue
  • String

Using this free printable, you can get started right away. Either use craft paper with nice prints as I did or use plain paper and have your kids color them.

Outline the bunny a bunch of times using this template, cut them out, and add the cute little bunny tails (cotton balls) with some simple craft glue.

You can either make them one-sided or double-sided by gluing two bunnies together if you want to hang them in front of a window.

The last step is to thread the bunnies into a garland. Use a needle and thread to thread the string through the tips of the bunnies’ ears. If you want the kids to do this part, maybe don’t use a needle and fix the bunnies to a string using tape.

Now your Easter Bunny Garland is ready! It’s super easy, and the result is adorable. Definitely worth giving it a go!

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Easter Bunny Garland, with free printable