Edible Fingerpaint for Babies

This edible fingerpaint for babies with just two ingredients is super easy to make. It looks just like real paint. Lots of fun guaranteed!
Edible fingerpaint

I used to make edible fingerpaint with three ingredients for my son when he was a baby. It was quick and easy and could also be used to make a more lasting work of art on paper. But now, I have a new favorite method of making even quicker and easier edible fingerpaint for my baby daughter.

It started when I was painting with my toddler son. We used store-bought paint that his grandfather gave him. My daughter was sitting in her high chair watching. I was starting to feel bad for her because she couldn’t join in. She would have immediately put the paint into her mouth. So I ran to the kitchen to make her some taste-safe fingerpaint. The paint I usually made, although quick, seemed to me to take too much time at this moment, so I tried something new.

I grabbed the Greek yogurt and the food coloring, and 1 minute later, I could present my daughter with paint of her own to play with.

It looked so much like the real paint my son was using that in-between I tasted some to make sure I didn’t mix anything up!

This edible paint is now the fingerpaint of my choice for my baby. It is super quick, and I really like the consistency. My daughter loves it too.


  • Greek yogurt
  • Liquid food coloring

You could also use normal yogurt, of course, but I like the consistency of Greek yogurt more. It is more like actual paint.


Take a tablespoon of yogurt per color and add two or three drops of liquid food coloring to it. Stir and ready to go.

Super simple, lots of fun.

If you want a taste-safe paint that can be used on paper, however, you could check out this recipe instead.

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Edible Fingerpaint for Babies