Fall Crafts for Toddlers, 10 ideas for inspiration

These are some of my favorite autumn-themed crafts for toddlers. Get inspired by the autumn beauty to get creative!

We love going for walks in the Forrest, and luckily my toddler enjoys it too! It gets especially enjoyable when we collect cool fall items to get crafty with later on. Autumn is such a great time of year for inspiration. The leaves turning red and yellow, collecting chestnuts and pinecones, the evenings getting darker, pretty lights everywhere. It’s the perfect time of year to get creative with your kids. So here are some Fall crafts ideas for toddlers to get inspired by.

1. Hedgehog Lantern

This first fall project we made with my son’s playgroup when he was about nine months old. He provided the little handprints but also drew part of the sky himself. The result is pretty, practical, and durable. The paper has been laminated. You can get a free printable here.

2. Apple Stamps Tree

Create an autumn tree with natural stamps. I used apples for this project. You could also use other natural objects like pinecones, sticks, or leaves to paint with.

3. Happy Handprint Spider

For this second project that I did with my one-year-old daughter, you need a piece of paper, a pen to draw the web, some paint for the hands and for painting the mouth, and wobbly eyes. Make sure not to put paint on your child’s thumbs; otherwise, the spider will end up with ten legs.

4. Autumn Tree with Leaves

I used colored paper to cut out a tree shape and added strips of self-sticking tape to it. The leaves we collected in the forest earlier that day. My son put the leaves on the tree and was very happy with the result. Makes sure to use tape that sticks well; otherwise, the leaves will come off again after a while. When this happens, you can fix the leaves in place with some drops of craft glue afterward.

5. Fall Leaves Hedgehog

We also made this cute hedgehog after our trip to the forest. I drew the hedgehog face directly on the brown paper. If you want, however, you can find a free printable here. We used a glue stick for fixing the leaves. We first covered the leaves with glue and then stuck the leaves onto the paper. My toddler enjoyed using the glue stick by himself.

6. Transparent Paper Tree

Cut or tear transparent paper into small pieces and let your toddler glue them to the paper. I drew a very simple and quick tree trunk. My son added the craft glue himself with a small brush and then pressed the pieces of transparent paper onto it.

And here some more craft ideas from others that I quite like!

7. Handprint Leaves

I think these handprint leaves are pretty cute!

Source: obarkley

You could make fall-themed towels with handprint leaves, like Lauren from Midgetmomma.com did. Make sure to use special textile paint when you do this so that you can wash them.

Source: midgetmomma.com

8. Fall wreath

I also quite like this fall wreath-making station from toddlerapproved.com.

9. Paper plate whirligigs

Also worth mentioning are these cool whirligigs from Red Ted Art. Your toddler could help paint the plates and glue the leaves on them.

10 leaf suncatchers

These leaf suncatchers from thebestideasforkids.com are beautiful! They were made with tissue paper and clear contact paper.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for fall crafts for toddlers and got some inspiration to get creative yourselves.

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