DIY Peg Photoframe

Upcycle an old photo frame to make a stunning peg photo frame with this simple trick.

I saw a beautiful photo frame with pegs in a store one day and decided to make something similar myself. Honestly, I think the result looks nicer than the one I saw in the store. And it is super easy.

I have a bit of a habit of saving old and broken things, thinking I might one day turn them into something nice (My husband doesn’t like this habit very much). So I have a bunch of old photo frames lying around. The one I used for this project was missing the glass. Surely you have some old photo frames as well, or maybe a frame with a picture you don’t really like anymore. Just turn it into something new!

The trick to making it look really good is to cover the back of your frame with a nice fabric.

You will need:

  • An old photo frame, ready to be upcycled
  • A piece of fabric, slightly bigger than the frame you use
  • String, a bit more than twice the width of the frame
  • glue (hot glue gun)
  • Staple gun/tacker (not absolutely necessary, but I did use one)
  • pegs


First, you remove the glass or plastic covering the frame. Safe it for a future project. Now line the backboard of the frame with the fabric of your choice. I used an upholstery fabric that I had left from another project. I like the result because it has a nice texture, and the dark neutral color makes the pictures pop out. But the possibilities are endless. Use whatever fabric you want. I used the glue gun to glue the fabric to the back of the board.

I stapled the fabric to the board using a tacker/staple gun to make sure it would hold. Depending on the thickness of the backboard and the size of your staples, this might not work, though, because the staples might come through towards to front. But I am pretty sure a glue gun alone will do the trick.

After fixing the fabric to the backboard of your foto frame, it is time to add the rope/string of choice. Measure out the height you want your string to hang, and make sure you stretch it across the front rather tightly. Fix it at the back, using either a glue gun or a staple gun and glue gun.

Now pop the backboard back into the frame. Add the pegs and the pictures, and you are ready!

Of course, you can create a great many different looks depending on the background fabric you use.

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Upcycle an old photo frame to make a stunning peg photo frame with this simple trick.

DIY Peg Photoframe