Photo-magnets with canvas look (DIY)

Make these beautiful photo magnets in hardly any time at all! They are easy to make and great as personalized little gifts.

These photo magnets are easy and fast to make and look great. They are a great way to display photos of your favorite moments on your fridge. They also make for great homemade gifts. In this post, I will show you how to make them.


Here is what you need:

  • Square wooden plates for crafts (7,5 x 7,5 cm)
  • Mod Podge or decoupage glue
  • Piece of canvas
  • Rubber roller
  • Scissors or crafts knife
  • piece of regular paper
  • brush
  • Magnets (or magnet roll)
  • Hot Glue gun

Pepare the photo

As a first step, cut out a hole in a regular sheet of paper in the shape of your piece of wood. Lay this paper over the photo to choose the exact right frame. When you find the right frame, put the piece of wood on the picture, over the hole in the paper, take the paper away, and now I outline the piece of wood directly onto the photo.

Next, you can cut out the photo with scissors or a crafts knife.

Glue the photo onto the piece of wood

Glue the photo you just cut out onto the piece of wood. I use decoupage glue for this, but mod podge would also work. I like using a rubber roller to ensure there are no bubbles underneath the photo. Now let it dry for about half an hour before continuing to the next step.

Add a canvas texture

Apply a layer of decoupage glue (or mod podge) on the photo with a brush. This extra layer of glue protects the image. To get a canvas-looking finish, take a piece of canvas, lay it on top of the photo with the glue still wet, and use the roller to press the canvas onto the picture. Now take the canvas off. I repeat this step about three to four times until I am satisfied with the result (without adding more glue). So to make clear what I mean: after taking off the canvas, I put it back onto the photograph without adding more glue and used the roller again to press the canvas onto the photo. Repeat until you are satisfied with the result.

When you are satisfied with the result, let it dry before applying the magnets.

Apply the magnets

Once your photo is dry, you can turn it around and glue the magnets onto it with the glue gun. I use a magnet strip. These are sold on a roll, and you can cut off pieces. Mine comes with a self-adhesive side, but I find this doesn’t stick well enough on wood. Therefore I fix them with a hot glue gun.

That’s it! It is pretty easy!

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